what are shroomies?

Shroomies are an AR enabled NFT collection grown on the Solana blockchain. Each Shroomie is organically generated with procedural love & care <3

"OG Shrooms" (early members of the Shroomies Discord) will be eligble for the whitelist & guaranteed a Shroomie on release day.

what are the specs?

Theres over 170 possible in the Shroomie collection. Although every Shroomie is super cool, not every one is super rare :]

play-2-earn story mode!

"Legend of the Goo" is an interactive story set on Shroom Island. Shroomies holders will journey across the island packed with puzzles and community challenges. Obtain rare AR nfts, earn weekly mystery loot chests filled with unique collectibles and even SOL!

the team

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Creative Lead
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AR Advisor
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Sporeware Dev
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@Tod Stule
Shroom Stylist